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Current Version: 2.7.1910
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License: Academic Free License (open-source)

The BZFlag Server GUI is an alternative interface for the BZFlag standalone server, BZFS.EXE. BZFlag is a popular, open-source BattleZone type game. The BZFS GUI presents all available command-line options for BZFS in an intuitive graphical interface, as well as allowing you to create DOS batch files and *nix shell scripts for any set of options.


To download the BZFlag Server GUI version 2.7.1910, go to the SourceForge files page and select the release you'd like to download. (Files with names like are the VB Source files; do not download these unless you have Visual Basic installed on your machine.)

System Requirements

What to expect

The BZFlag Server GUI does not replace or modify any BZFlag files; it only serves to launch the dedicated server (BZFS.EXE) and create batch files and shell scripts for it.
This version of the BZFS GUI is intended for BZFlag version 1.7g2, however, it can also be used with previous versions, version 1.10.x, BZFlagX, BZFlag:Zero, and the 1.8, 1.9, and 1.11 CVSes. The latest version of BZFlag is 1.10.6; the current development version is 1.11.3.

Want to know what version predominates running servers? There's a tool for that, too. Look at the BZFlag Server Version Enumerator.


Having Problems?

Leave a note on one of the SourceForge forums, join #bzfsgui on IRC or drop the administrator a note at

So....when are we gonna get all the cool new features from BZFlag 1.9/1.10?

BZFSGUI 2.7 and higher support most of the 1.9/1.10 features, including rabbit hunt, but their implementation is very hackish and only usually works. BZFSGUI 3.0 will introduce full support for the BZFlag 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 series, and will be hopefully introduced in June 2004.

What about a linux or unix version?!?!

How about Mac OS X? The OS rocks, but using BZFS in a terminal doesn't!!!


For assorted reasons, both the Qt version (for linux) and the RealBASIC version (for mac) have been abandoned. Work is starting on a cross-platform (anything but Windows) release using native Cocoa for OS X and GNUStep for unixish OSes. If you know Objective-C and would like to help on this project, please e-mail the administrator at, or the lead Cocoa developer at

Contributing to the BZFS GUI

Feel free to make changes (large or small) if you feel they need to be made. If you do, please post a patch on the SF.NET patches page, along with a description. Need some help? Read the BZFSGUI Hacking Page for more information.
Have comments or Suggestions? Think changes need to be made but don't know how to program? Post a Feature Request or Bug Report on one of the SF.NET trackers, join #bzfsgui on IRC and discuss your idea there, or post to one of the SF.NET forums.

E-mail Daniel Remenak, the project administrator
Visit the BZFlag Server GUI project page on

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