BZFlag Server Version Enumerator

Current Version: 1.1.0
License: Academic Free License (open-source)

The BZFlag Server Version Enumerator counts the copies of each BZFlag version currently running on the main list server,, and displays the results in a graphical format sorted by version. It was originally written to see what compatibility modes the BZFlag Server GUI should focus on. Normal counts at initial release were 38 for 1.7e/1.7g, 1 for BZFlag:Zero, and 1 for 1.8; now they are 1 for 1.7e/g, 63 for 1.9/1.10, and 2 for 1.11, though it varies from time to time.
This is all it does. Nothing spectacular. It's only posted here for curiosity's sake.

You must have an internet connection and be able to access on port 5156 for this program to operate correctly.


To download the BZFlag Server Version Enumerator, go to the SourceForge files page and select the release (of package bzfsverenum-windows) you'd like to download. e-mail me. I will send you the proper URL to download from; having this on the file release page was confusing for some. (Files with names like are the VB Source files; do not download these unless you have Visual Basic installed on your machine.)

System Requirements

What to expect

The BZFlag Version Enumerator just counts and displays the protocol versions of currently running BZFlag Servers.

What about a linux or unix version?!?!

None is planned, since this is such a tiny, near-useless program. If you want one anyway, e-mail me at Note that there is currently a "" shell script in the misc directory of the BZFlag CVS that does much more than BZFSVE does.

Hacking the BZFS Version Enumerator

Feel free to make changes if you feel they need to be made. If you do, please post a patch on the SF.NET patches page, along with a description. Need some help? Read the BZFSGUI Hacking Page for more information.
Think changes need to be made but don't know how to program? Post a Feature Request or Bug Report on one of the SF.NET trackers!.

E-mail Daniel Remenak, the project administrator

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